Monday, February 25, 2008

Robed Obama picture proves SOMETHING... Barack's Muslim garb is evidence...

The fact that people are currently discussing a 2 year-old picture of Barack Obama in traditional African (Muslim) attire proves something about our nation and you (if you came here in search of more information).

The controversy over the Obama Muslim garb snapshot is proof of something both unsettling and disappointing...

Here's what the whole dust-up proves...

(1) Some people are complete ass-hats who don't understand the difference between important and NOTHING.

(2) Some people are calculating fucks who don't care about intellectual honesty and whose sense of decency is directly related to their own quest for power and/or attention.

(3) The USA has handled the post 9/11 world so incompetently that anything even remotely associated with Islam is suddenly a political talking point, a reason to fear, a justification for hate, or another example of why a permanent state of war is (ostensibly) necessary.

If you came here searching for more gossip about an old snapshot of a traveling dignitary acting the way traveling dignitaries do because of ANY of those 3 things, you're a cog in the machine called Fucked Up.


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