Friday, March 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Monster... Part Two... Samantha Power is history...

Samantha Power is gonzo.

The Obama campaign walks the walk.

Samantha Power called Hillary Clinton a monster in a newspaper interview. Now she's off the Obama campaign team.

She was right, but that's not the subject of this post. You can read a few million other posts here and elsewhere if you're interested in the many, many reasons Hillary Clinton represents just about everything wrong with American politics.

The interesting thing here is that Power called Clinton a name, apologized for acting inappropriately, and then resigned. She was aware that the Obama campaign was going to cut her loose over the remarks, I'm guessing, and decided to get out on her own ASAP.

I've been wondering about the Obama campaign lately. Barack kept things clean and positive when he was on the rise and on the roll. Now, it looks like things are going to get tougher and you have to wonder if they'll be able to keep this civil. How do you fight a heartless monster bitch like Hillary Clinton and stay on the high road? It would take a better man than me, let me tell you.

Looks like Barry O. might be that kind of guy. Samantha Power is a smarty and an assett, but she broke the anti-negativity pact. Now, she's history.

Talking the talk is easy.
Walking the walk is tough.

Today, Barack Obama's campaign is walking the walk.

Sorry, Samantha. I feel for you.
Thanks, Barack, for being less of a mudslining prick than I'd be if I wore your shoes.

I'm sure The Monster will find a way to get Howard Wolfson or one of Mark Penn's other zombie slaves to creep onto TV within minutes to spin this whole thing into a major issue that somehow proves Hillary Clinton is a fighter with 35,000 years of experience who has crossed the threshhold for Commanders in Chief and whose healthcare plan will cover everyone all the time regardless of anything that might ever happen because she's fucking perfect.

Just watch.

Way to go, team O.

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