Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mildly amusing... Casey Knowles, Barack Obama...

Sometimes my posts get so downright ornery and negative. I thought I'd take a moment to counterbalance the presentation of my constant, deeply held rage.

Casey Knowles was the little girl at risk in the Clinton 3 a.m. advertisement. As you surely know by now, she grew up to be a precinct captain for Obama. She's now involved in an ad countering the 3 a.m. thing. It's not great, but it's cute.

Plus, there's something mildly amusing about the fact that the anonymous little stock footage girl would grow up to be a pain in Hillary's behind. Not that Casey Knowles' ad is going to be the deciding factor or anything...

I'm no Hillary fan, but you almost have to feel sorry for the random bad luck. Almost.

Oh, and I thought I'd also let you know about all the great things Barack Obama will do for you. This website gives you the straight dope on his remarkable capabilities.

Check it out IMMEDIATELY!


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  1. That ad rocks, dude. That ad is 100 times better than the original 3AM ad. If they gave that air time, it would spin the shit out of that 3AM ad. I don't know if they need to. But it would be nice to watch with millions of other Americans.

    OK. I'm checking out the Barack site. Just because I feel a responsibility to be up on his policies, even as I am dying for sleep since I woke up early to take Melissa to the airport.

  2. Holy shit that Barack site is funny, dude.