Saturday, April 12, 2008

Clinton & McCain react to Obama's "bitterness" comments... Why they're wrong and horrible...

Hey folks... If you like profanity-laced rants against the creepy little cheap-shot panderers known as Senators McCain and Clinton, this one is a keeper.

I thought my own response to the bullshitters who have feigned outrage over Barack Obama's exercise in truth-telling was pretty good. Ben at Liberty and the Limits of Power, however, kicks more ass. Here's a guy who's leaning toward McCain who's willing and able to take on the faux disgust Johnny Mac and The Monster have expressed.

An excerpt:

What Barack Obama said was not ill-chosen. It was honest. And you know how I know that? Because I've spent my entire fucking life amongst such people. This is where I come from. They are bitter. They do turn to guns and religion and anti-trade and anti-immigrant impulses to rationalize their bitterness and insecurity in a world where they can never be responsible for their own situation. It is THE problem in poor communities, white, black, and otherwise in America, in liberal democracies, but probably in illiberal areas of the world, as well.

Why are people so generally afraid of speaking such truths?

Good question, hombre. Very good question.


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  1. I for one at least, AM ANGRY and I AM BITTER. With all of the B.S. that transpired with BOTH the 2000 and 2004 elections you might think the gov't would have at least straightened out the Diebold voting machine debacle, but as of late it STILL HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Here's the giveaway; why in the world can't a company who makes ATMs and makes sure they are 100% accurate issuing a detailed receipt with EACH tranaction do the same for a voting machine? Answer, they CAN, but then they wouldn't get the "right" people elected, now would they? Remember what Stalin said, "Who COUNTS the votes is all that really matters".

  2. The No Quarter crowd is really not that tough I've spent hours playing (see troll) with them.

    Comment by Manamongst Hussein | 2008-04-14 14:12:49

    “obama is exposed, it wont be long now”

    It’s not always fun to be held up for ridicule…but we can all learn lessons in life

    I’m not intellectually superior…so you can kill that little straw man…I mean I’m sure I’m taller than you…but that’s neither here nor there. As for FL and MI, I could care less. That’s like those semi-homeless guys going to the street begging for 15$ to catch a bus home that costs 60$ (digression: and we thought they would use it for more crack…didn’t we…lol). but it’s funny how no one cared about the rules being broke until it affected them. There are consequences in life and I’m not going to sit here and say were it reversed Obama wouldn’t be doing the same thing…because I’m quite certain he would. But the devil is in the details, but chances are if you’re a Hillary fan and in this situation, pretty much none of you cared enough about the details…but guess who did (see 50 state strategy and caucuses)?

    And I’m sorry but I see a saddening trend with you guys hopes and all…with the “it won’t be long now” meme, I have two words for that “Friedman Units” When all that is going bad it’s only natural to think better luck is around the corner but do put it out there via’s ok to think it to yourself. You only lose credibility when the vast majority of America see’s no “there” in your “there”.

    On the real bukskin711, you can count it to yourself personally…how many times and on how many, let’s just say for your benefit, “On-going” BO skeletons are you waiting for to strike oil?

    Just stop it, and all you other Obama outrage Friedman Uniters and Journalistic Necrophiliacs are just embarassing yourself. Do you know how History will judge you? Goldwater is still in the mouths of punditry, as will be “Tourture” and “Obama Outrage Friedman Uniters” and “Journalistic Necrophiliacs”

    wow…troll on fire…”it was like the rim was a big ole whoola hoop”

    I’ll take a break and let the Jim Jones crowd pile on irrationally…and from now on (mary Jo and others) you’ll have to coherently address issues for me to waste time with you…I’ve neglected my wonkish duties screwing around with you hardheads.