Thursday, April 10, 2008

On fleeting fame and Royals baseball... John Brown reflects...

Based on my traffic stats today my brush with the non-celebrity un-greatness of Taylor Marsh is no longer burning up the blogosphere.

None of Marsh's photographer's agents have pounced on me for my transgression. None of the gnarled hearts and drooling mouths that populate her fib of a website are trying to defend her resume-inflation techniques. Things are quieting down. It's the joke at which everyone has laughed.

It was fun while it lasted. Now, onto bigger and better things. Unless, of course, the firestorm of controversy about The Silliest Blogger in Town should reignite. That would be fun.

Some of you (okay, most of you), found this blog as a result of Taylor's Tall Tales, so you might be wondering what's going to happen now that she's cackled that her life is an "open book" and is hunkering down, waiting for the storm of honest recognition to pass. Well, John Brown won't let you down!

No, I don't plan on picking on her day after day, becoming single-mindedly obsessed with exposing her resume inflation to everyone in the world. Okay, I might do that. It's not the main plan, though. That being said, everyone who'd like to write about Ms. Marsh is free to use my illustrations to accompany their posts.

I still owe a commenter a post critical of Barack Obama. Apparently, some people are under the mistaken impression that my expressed distaste for Monster and willingness to mock Monster-enabler Marsh is proof positive that I'm in the bag for Barry O. Yeah, he's my preferred choice right now, but he doesn't get a pass. So, I hope to get around to the part where I criticize Obama about something. I'm in the process of choosing the issue for concern.

I've also watched a few westerns that I'll eventually get around to reviewing. If you like that sort of thing, keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and I also had a few dozen asshats complain that my attacks on Ms. Marsh lacked any substance because I didn't actually confront her on specific statements and issues. Well, my criticism of TM was about her fibby bio. I just assumed everyone recognized that she was a complete hack. I guess not. I'm trying to choose which of her god-awful posts to roast into ash for your viewing pleasure.

I'm getting tired of this "should Bush skip the opening ceremonies in Beijing?" nonsense. I have the right answer on that one, by the way. Stay tuned.

This FLDS thing? Right in my wheelhouse.

As a Royals fan, I'm loving their 6-2 start. I might have something to say about the boys in blue.

I'm hoping Mike Gravel releases a new video because he RAWKS!

I also find that John McCain is regularly willing to open his mouth in order to release excess bullshit. I'll pick through the manure so you don't have to!

I'll take requests, too.

Right now, though, I must make lasagna. I promised my wife. Then, I'm obligated to watch the Royals go for the sweep against the dreaded Yankees. Chris Chambliss, if you're reading this, I still hate you.


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  1. Make sure to keep yourself either amused or infuriated, otherwise it gets boring trying to get words out of a keyboard.

  2. Randi Rhodes spilling it to Marc Maron.

    At appox 6:30...

    "Larry Johnson has done some very interesting things. I mean, some really, really questionable things... Him and this girl - I can't remember her name - but she's a radio wannabe and she wanted my job..."

    LJ & TM make good corporate tools, at least.

  3. bob-

    thanks for the heads up on that one. i haven't been reading much about rhodes in detail, because i've never really listened to her.


    yours truly,

    John Brown
    Air America Can't Afford Me
    (But it's okay if they wanna try)

  4. Chuck-

    Fortunately I have a wide open sense of humor and a hair-trigger temper.

    I once threw down on John McCain because I didn't like his long fuse. Then I laughed about it for days.

    I never claimed to be a good joke writer.

    I am,

    John Brown
    Harper's What?