Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Congratulations, Monster! You can hate Hillary, but give credit where credit is due...

It's easy to blame losers instead of crediting winners. You see it all the time. Kansas didn't win the basketball national championship, Memphis screwed up and lost it. The Giants only won the Super Bowl because the Patriots stunk. It's always the loser's mistakes and never the victor's skills, it seems.

This line of thinking is common in politics, too. Why can't Barack close the deal? What did Hillary do wrong in Iowa? Etc. When it comes to Monday morning quarterbacking and political punditry, it's all about the loser's shortcomings these days. People like to analyze why one person lost instead of focusing on why the other won.

I think that's crap. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. That puts me in a difficult position this morning. If you've ever read a post here before, you know that I think Barack Obama is our best remaining choice for President and that I believe Hillary Clinton causes cancer of the political soul.

Nonetheless, I'm not going to spend this morning blaming Obama's failures for Pennsylvania. Nor am I going to take the easiest out possible--arguing (perhaps accurately) that Hillary's support came, in large measure, from a bunch of idiots. Nope. I'm going to simply congratulate Hillary on winning.

Hey, Monster...


Clinton won Pennsylvania by 1o points and now Monster can continue its march of shame right into Indiana and beyond. Hell, for all I know Hillary will be able to spread the disease so successfully that she'll end up as our next President. That's still VERY unlikely, but anything can happen.

She did a smash-up job winning Pennsylvania. She withstood a massive spending imbalance. She quickly and forcefully jumped on top of every little Obama act that could be twisted into a negative. She got her picture taken while guzzling brews, talked about her family's involvement with the gun culture and painted her opponent as a snobby elitist in an area where snobby elitists aren't all that popular. She did the better job in the debate of appearing Presidential to the remaining undecided voters and soft Obama supporters. She made all the requisite TV appearances and even snuck in a day-before interview with KO at MSNBC, proving that she didn't mind walking into the lion's den in exchange for face time.

Good work, Monster. You won. You worked your positives, amplified your opponent's real negatives, created some new temporary negatives for him, created more memorable TV ads and convinced Pennsylvanians that you're the "tough" one.

Obviously, Barack Obama didn't do everything right. That's a whole different story for a different day. The fact of the matter is that Clinton did better. The proof is in the pudding. Scoreboard. 10 point lead.

If we wanted to select Presidents based on their ability to run tenacious long-shot campaigns... If we wanted to choose leaders based on their ability to execute old school politics like true professionals... If we wanted to honor those who are really good at playing the game... Well, it that's what we wanted I think Hillary Clinton has made a very strong case for herself since Super Tuesday.

Personally, I have higher aspirations. That's why I won't pull a lever labeled Monster. Obviously, others don't feel that way. I truly believe I'm right and they're wrong, but what the hell... Today, let the fans of Hillary rejoice.


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  1. I 100% agree with the general tone of this post, John. But I have to say that I can't find it in me to congratulate Hillary Clinton, this morning.

    "Good work, Monster. You won. You worked your positives, amplified your opponent's real negatives, created some new temporary negatives for him, created more memorable TV ads and convinced Pennsylvanians that you're the 'tough' one."

    How sad that this is what we call winning. You and I have watched it a million times in competition, John. I'll never be able to bring myself to call it honest, especially when it really matters.

    This is the rationalization that is fucking up the world, right now. Robert Mugabe is doing the same in Zimbabwe. And I'll never congratulate that fuckin' asshat. Like Clinton, his politics are left and his style is autocratic. And I don't give a shit, anymore, how selfish manipulators win. They can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm not a sore loser. I'm tired of cheaters and other people winning for all the wrong reasons. And everyone pretending like its no big fuckin' deal.

    It clearly is a big fuckin' deal. It is the reason why Americans and
    the world are suspicious of competition and the marketplace. Because assholes keep stealing the fuckin' crown from more honest folks.

    I'm fuckin' tired of it.

    My only hope is that the long run pays off to the honest. I need to believe that. Because, otherwise, I could give two shits about who wins ever, for anything. Fuck you, winners, I would have to say, if that were the case.

    I don't think it is. But today, in America and Zimbabwe, it's hard to know that's true.

  2. Ben-

    It really is sort of like winning the "I'm a Bigger Ass" award sometimes, isn't it?

    Hey, if people want to celebrate creepy politics, today is their day.

    Personally, I'm just happy that I'm not part of that crowd.

    Maybe someday they'll put down their autoharps (you gotta see this: and will figure some shit out.


    John Brown
    Jewelry Sales since 1902

  3. LOL, I had to post the autoharp victory song today as well. It's appropriate. In fact, it would make a great Flash animation sequence as an entry for I'll create it -- FREE! -- if she promises to use it. What better welcome for her deranged cat lady audience than that priceless piece of performance art?

    Sour-grapes sore loser that I am, though, I'm maintaining that Clinton's margin of victory was LESS than the 10% the media claimed she needed to gain momentum. As of this moment, the PA State Dept. site pegs it at 9.2% with 99.44% of precincts reporting. Hey, if the Hilldos (Hilldoes? Hildos? Hildoes?) can split hairs, so can I!

    At any rate, the good news is, this crap will be over soon. Not soon enough for us, but soon. It's just a double-length version of Creature Feature.

  4. There are only 124 days until the Convention: Asking the Super-Delegates to endorse by June 3
    is important. That's only 41 days.

    If Indecision2008 goes to the Convention it will be a big problem.

    It Takes a Village to Kill the Monster.

  5. Hello dickless. I'm back! Well, you asked me for a prediction and I said DOUBLE DIGITS, so, just saying I TOLD YOU SO! Let's talk Indiana now, luv.

    Oh, and wasn't Barwack also taking pictures "having a brew" with Bob Casey? If you're going to criticize Clinton for "campaigning", do the same with Barwack. Muah!

  6. I just came by to leave a post about the great work you are doing here, and I see that the Taylor Martians are here slaying mysoginists for the sisterhood of the revisionist pantsuit.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!!!

    (Now if there were just a way to get that empty fucking hack Bill Press off of my goddam xm radio in the morning. I'd almost take TM over that numbnuts; at least her stupid shit is entertaining).

  7. This was no victory. It only proved that there's merit in Barack's words. The voters who swung to Hillary clung to their Catholicism in a very big way.

    No matter. After Indiana and North Carolina she's done and broke.

  8. Sure it was no victory.

    Keep backing a general election loser, fools.

  9. Ahhhh yes, the "he's a GE loser" argument has been rolled back out for another run. And so who exactly is the huge Piece of SHIT that is getting their ass handed to them in every metric category by this GE loser????? If that is the making of a big GE winner, than may a please have a sample of whatever the fuck you have been smoking?

    Yep, I can see the Monster GE campaign now:
    We're going to convince everyone that the only rules that matter are the ones that we fucking make up as we go until the WH is ours!

    That shit may be flying now, but it will hit a wall. Believe me, Barack Obama has been taking it easy on your candidate, and SHE can't knock HIM out.

    Now back to TM with you. The Martians are trying to figure out the best way to argue that North Carolina isn't a "real" state and they need your help! GO to your people!

  10. Oh, dickless, you're so witty on your Dell computer in your mother's basement. Of course he is unelectable in the GE. Barwack underperforms with seniors, women, white men, Catholics, Jews, and, working class and lower income voters. (But he gives youth hope!) Meanwhile, the North Carolina GOP is already running attack ads that link state Dem candidates with Obama and Rev. Wright. Thanks a lot, because most of you don't want to win the GE, you just want don't want Hillary Clinton to get the nomination. Oh, and by your juvenile comment threads, you read like Wayne's World rejects or young dickless Republicans anyway.

  11. Oh, and one more thing, let's talk Indiana. Hillary Clinton will win the Hoosier State by at least five points, and, might even take Lake and Porter Counties, which are adjacent to Chicago. East Chicago, Hammond, Whiting, Munster ... working class "bitter" "typical white people" and Hispanics who "cling" to their faiths and need jobs and health care. FYI, my dickless basement dwelling friend: Not only am I black and male (and 30yo and hot!)but my whole family is behind Clinton. We're not fooled by your "waffling" Republican Barwack trojan horse. Such a wuss ...

  12. Surrounded by GE WinnersApril 24, 2008 at 3:38 AM

    And so I ask, if he is such a bad candidate, why exactly is it that he hasn't been dispatched by THE "superior" candidate?

  13. Betty-

    I want to make World Tour t-shirts for the autoharp cat lady.

    Less than 10%. True, but I don't mind rounding up. It is what it is. She won Pennsylvania. At what cost, though... That's the real question to me.

    It will be over before too long. That IS a good thing.


    John Brown
    It's Hot in Here

  14. Dave-

    It would be sort of shitty to see this devolve into a foolishness at the convention.

    That being said, you get what you ask for. Perhaps we, as a nation, are just so fucking stupid that we actually DESERVE this kind of punishment.

    To borrow from the Rev. Wright, God Damn America!

    I just did that last thing to piss people off.

    Sometimes, though, I do wonder why it's worth the effort to maintain reason when Monsters can win elections and guys like the 2nd District freak in Indiana, Zirkle, can be Sooooooo crazy while still capturing damn near 30% of the primary votes. R-primary, admittedly, but still...

    There are many stupid people. There are many Monster lovers. In the end, it's a creepy situation and I'm not sure we deserve better than what we're getting until we get our own collective head screwed on straight.

    Yours with a caveat,

    John Brown
    Taylor Marsh Super Fan!

  15. Anonymous-

    Hey, I'll concede being dickless if it will shut you up, dummy.

    I mean, really, what good would it do if I called you vagina-less? Would it make your bizarre comments any more or less foolish? Of course not.

    Oh, yeah, I live in my mom's basement. You are a clever comment champion!

    10%. Sure you predicted that. So did a million other asshats, so you guys can all go have a party congratulating yourselves on awesome prognostication talents. I'll send cupcakes.

    Indiana? Clinton will probably win there by a relatively slim margin. I'm interested in why that makes her any less of a Monster. Any input there, Cochise?

    Yeah, Obama falls into the pandering for the cameras crap, too. He and Casey tossing back beer is just as stupid as Hillary doing shots. Agreed. This is relevant because?

    See, your problem is this... You come over here trumpeting Hillary's victories as if they have anything to do with what I'm saying. They don't. If anything, the way she's getting them merely proves my argument.

    Absent something cataclysmic, she isn't getting the nomination. Even if she does, though, it doesn't mean she's less of a Monster or less intellectually bankrupt. It would only mean that she won.

    You can be a winner and an asshat at the same time. There is no mutual exclusivity.

    Yours truly,
    John Brown
    Grower not a Show-er

  16. Steve-

    I'm lucky enough to avoid Bill Press.

    I'll continue to mock Taylor Marsh and her fans for at least a little while longer--I'm not bored yet.

    Thanks for reading!

    Yours with extra sprinkles,
    John Brown
    Rhythm Guitar

  17. Cali-T,

    You know, it's interesting... The Hillary wins DO tend to prove the critique of our current politics.

    The goofs see the win as a refutation of statements critical of the status quo because they don't get it.

    Glad to know that others may very well have a clue.

    Yours truly,
    John Brown
    Gary Templeton's Brother

  18. Susan-

    It WAS a win. I don't know how you could read this post and pretend as if I said anything other than that.

    She won! She won! She won!

    Pennsylvania is Hillary Country! Whoooooo-Hoooooo!

    Jesus, don't be so THICK.

    Act like you've been there before.

    And I don't give a rat's ass who is a "GE loser" or "winner" in your estimation. I'm past that. I'm more worried about the kind of people we're advancing for the sake of a victory. I'm more concerned about the fact that Monster buffs are more concerned with who can be the "tough guy" instead of banking on ideas.

    If it isn't Fear of a Black Planet with Hillary supporters, it's fear of a Republican Attack Machine.

    Monster advocates are running scared all the time. Even when they "get tough", it's only in response to a fear.

    It's sad.

    Your brother from another mother,
    John Brown
    Producer of the World's Finest Pasta

  19. Steve-

    I find the GE election winner/loser argument nothing more than a pathetic sellout of principle and a slap to intellectual honesty.

    You make a good point. It has serious weaknesses on a practical level, too.

    I also wonder how the Invincible Super Candidate got her pantsuited ass handed to her so many times by such a stupid crybaby. That might be because... uh... hmmm... the argument is so fucking stupid?


    Your fan,
    John Brown
    Now with Color-Safe Bleach!

  20. Anon-

    You crack me up. Would my arguments be any stronger if I announced your comments originated on a public library computer that you used because they have "special needs hours"? What if I reminded everyone that the only reason you didn't live in your mom's basement was because she didn't have one--trailers generally don't.

    Would that make me the champion, Anon? Nah...

    Let me ask you a question about GE electability and its value in terms of candidate selection... If we could break down all of the demos and conclusively prove that the most electable candidate was a rich white guy who bugged out on his Nat'l Guard service, was a dry drunk, had a problem with honesty, did business with the Saudis, lacked a commitment to social issues and believed God spoke to him, would you vote that way?

    Because that was our last "GE winner", anon. You don't pick candidates based on electability. That is just sinking to the lowest common denominator. You should pick them based on who they are, the principles they espouse and in which they believe, and their ability to successfully enact the kind of change you feel is important.

    Hillary can win? No way, Jose. But even IF that statement was true, it wouldn't justify voting for her.

    Wayne's World, huh? Wow, you're scraping the bottom of the insult barrel, fuckhead.

    Peace, love and magic,

    John Brown
    Special Educator

  21. Anon again-

    Yeah, Hillary will probably win Indiana. Schedule your Monster party now while there's still space available at the Bloomington Pizza Hut.

    It's so keen to have a 30 yo black dude with a family supporting Clinton visit my blog. Thanks for all the irrelevant and probably make believe demographic information. I'll file it under "useless shit no one cares about".

    And this whole Republican Trojan Horse thing... Wow. You're stretching there. Oh, and you're also slipping. If you want to take on a certain trolling persona, you might want to try to avoid parroting catchphrases that obviously don't fit.

    Your Secret Admirer,
    John Brown
    Executive Producer, Small Wonder

  22. Surrounded-

    My prediction? You won't get a good answer. You'll get a subject change.

    That's the way it works in Monster Country.

    Tu Amigo,
    John Brown
    This is a Test

  23. Okay, dickless, it's "anon" from earlier.

    A few things: Yes, I'm very much "vaginaless" because I've said twice that I'm male. Secondly, the brewskis were mentioned only because YOU mentioned them in your post and mocked Clinton for tossing back a few. I don't have a problem with Clinton OR Obama politicking, kissing babies, sampling food (WAFFLES!), having drinks for the cameras, etc. It's only ridiculous when ONE SIDE criticizes the other side for doing the same thing. That, essentially, is my problem with the Obama campaign and its e-cheerleaders.

    Clinton had a win, why does every win have to be parsed, discounted and minimized? You all are such sore losers. The demographics were in her favor and she just performed better. You seriously didn't think Obama was going to win PA? That as unlikely as winning Ohio or even Massachusetts. Those states are also unlikely to be won the Obamessiah in the fall, and, MA and NJ will be in play.

    On the other hand, the Obamessiah had a spectacular month in February. Barry decided early on to game the caucuses, organized better and (unlike Clinton) had a post-Super Tuesday plan. I can give credit where credit is due.

    This is a curious blog and mirrors the disingenuous and childish attitude of the Obamessiah campaign. You continuously try to degrade Clinton and her supporters, have a vitriolic tone, but, constantly talk about how negative CLINTON is. Obama offers "hope" and "change", and you are "inspired" to use Photoshop to create juvenile cartoons and more screed.

    BTW are you really in Kansas? That's so typical. Kansas is NOT flipping blue in the fall. On the other hand, a purple state like NC could have some downticket possibilities, but, the NC GOP is running attack ads against Democrats using Obama and Rev. Wright. And Wright is back on television and making speeches. Thanks a lot, dickless KoolAid drinkers.

  24. oh, welcome back anon (since there are several anon's, I'll distinguish you as the one who calls people juvenile while using words like 'dickless'). must be boring you to keep coming back here and worrying about winning arguments with those whom you believe lack male genitalia. Your world is a strange place that you should concern yourself so much with the comments of the schlongishly challenged.

    And, seeing as how "Barwack" Obama is such a sure fire loser, I'm not sure why you feel so threatened by him as to continue this odd crusade of yours. At any rate, does any of this shit really matter enough for you to get your pantsuit all bunched up about any of this?

  25. Anon-

    I didn't notice or care about your gender. My mistake for getting it wrong (maybe).

    If you would put on your reading comprehension hat, you can revisit this post and learn that I didn't minimize Monster's win. It was a win. Three cheers for the winner! Hooray, hooray, hooray.

    No, I didn't expect Obama to win. It would've been nice, but it certainly wasn't expected.

    This MUST be a curious blog, because you do seem almost magnetically attracted to it.

    The reason I tend to be more negative toward Hillary is because I think she deserves it. That doesn't mean I see Barry O's face in my morning toast. He's not flawless and his hands aren't 100% clean. To consider him some sort of equal in the soul cancer department with Monster is, however, wrong. You can disagree. That's AOK. I think I have the stronger argument, though.

    The juvenile cartoon thing has nothing to do with Obama. There's a longer story attached and you're free to look it up. Sorry if it offends your delicate sensibilities. Oh, wait, you're the one who likes to cast Obama as a crying infant. You're part of the tough kid crowd. I'm sure you're not offended.

    What kind of guy would be bothered by juvenile behavior while simultaneously calling someone "dickless" over and over again, anyway?

    Yes. I live in Kansas. I guess the fact that my neighbors tend to vote like idiots someone makes my vote less meaningful. There's a real tension between that sort of comment and the Clinton camp's usual argument about alleged disenfranchisement, isn't there? Every vote should count--unless their counted in a state that the Dems are unlikely to carry? All of those flyover donation checks and volunteer hours are pretty meaningless compared to how Nash McCabe is gonna feel about flag pins--after all, she's a PA voter.

    I also don't understand your fear of the Republican attack dogs. It's sort of wimpy for a rough and tumble Hillary supporter. If the Democrat strategy is all about finding someone who can escape right-wing attacks, I think we need to build a time machine and go back to pick a different slate of candidates. Oh, and we can also skip all of the actual issue-oriented discussion unless its watered down enough to appeal to the least common denominator.

    If your master plan is to sell out or to pick candidates based on your fear of Karl Rove, you need to rethink what's important. Start with considering means/ends distinctions in a serious way.

    Oh, and don't be fooled. If Hillary had a chance, those Republican ads would be just as devastating and offensive in her direction.

    I do like Kool-Aid. Grew up on the stuff. Black cherry is #1, then cherry, tropical punch and strawberry. I hate the lemon-lime, orange and grape, though.

    I love the way you bemoan my vitriol while going with Obamessiah and "dickless" stuff. It's cute and silly.

    Let me ask you a serious question, Anon... If electability wasn't an issue, why would YOU prefer Clinton to Obama. Top three reasons. Remember, we're taking fear of Republicans and GE viability out of the equation. If you're just looking at 2 people who want to be POTUS, why are you backing Clinton. I'd love to know.

    Your well-hung amigo,
    John Brown
    Curiouser and Curiouser

  26. Steve-

    "Schlongishly challenged"?

    That's pretty damn funny!

    Thanks for the participation. I don't know if Anon is a TM wanderer or not.

    I do agree that the tension between "don't be juvenile" and "you're a dickless kool-aid drinker" is awesome, though.

    Via facsimile,
    John Brown
    Never Heard of It

  27. I get kind of confused by the arguments that losing a Democratic Primary means you can't win a General Election in the state. Two Dems running isn't quite the same thing as D v R. Sure there is the aspect of spoiled children walking away because their messiah didn't win the nomination, but this will be a contest between John McCain and some Democrat and John McCain bears no similarity with the Democrats, either of them.

    Sure you can argue about who best represents Democratic values, and that's what a Primary is about. Yes, I really hope Obama is the nominee, I'd rather not choke and gag marking Hillary on my ballot, but I'd do it anyhow.

    The best thing thay ever happened to Hillary was the Republican hate machine of the 90s, she's the victim instead of the shady operator she actually is. I don't like her because she is what she is.

    Let me see if I have this straight, in a GE I'd rather defend an absolute lie about a combat sniping episode in Bosnia than some off the cuff "bitter" statement or maybe Whitewater than Rev Wright. Go on from there Martians, knock yourselves out. Yes, she's been vetted - and found wanting. But vote for her, troll for her, but remember reality will intrude.

  28. chuck-

    stop fucking thinking about the latest clinton explanation and just go with it.

    don't worry if you're uncomfortable with its logic. you won't have to stick with it very long. the rationale is changed regularly to keep it fresh (and because some people do screw things up by taking the story seriously).

    john brown
    heir to the dylan legacy

  29. Tune into FOX News. It looks like an OBAMA delegate in Colorado was behind the the Texas polygamy hoax. The Obamessiah "inspires" his fans to "change"! Barack's chickens ... are coming home to roost!

  30. Boy you said it schlong inspector! Barack's chickens really ARE coming home to roost. Just read about this:

    I once heard that somebody talked to somebody else, who watched Battlestar Galactica, which has a character named Six, which is the number of degrees of kevin bacon, who was stars in movies, and that Barack Obama has been known to watch movies, and Battlestar Galactica is about the destruction of the human race so therefore, BARACK OBAMA WANTS TO DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE. Don't listen to me, it was on FOX News and that is all that you need to know.

  31. Steve-

    And please take a moment to read my recent post, which outlines Obama's clear connections to a certain peddler of deadly products.

    It never ends.

    John Brown
    Same as it ever was...

  32. Oh, this is "Anon" from earlier. Sorry my dickless basement dwelling friend, but Bill and Hillary Clinton and their supporters are NOT AFRAID of Karl Rove or the right wing attack machine. We know how to fight it, and, WELCOME the opportunity. But the ObamaNation has hardly shown any spine in attacking Republicans because you are trying to embrace them. Poor Barwack, complaining to St. John because the NC GOP is running a mean, nasty ad! And the GOP keeps talking about Hamas endorsing Obama. "Those attacks are unfair! They are smearing me!"

  33. On Wednesday the following post appeared on the popular liberal Daily Kos blog, and it received several comments — but it has since been removed:

    Oh dear. Some of you may have seen that crazy guy who popped up on Youtube making ridiculous allegations about limo sex against Barack Obama. Since he first appeared, he has been doing everything possible to get noticed by the media and to my complete shock, he has actually succeeded. A TV Show in Puerto Rico called SuperXclusivo (apparently a very popular show) had a phone interview with him earlier today. I didn’t watch the whole thing but they didn’t even ask him for any evidence whatsoever for his claims. Obviously, there is a PRIMARY in Puerto Rico in a few months, so this is pretty troubling. I saw the clip on Youtube and I believe it aired later today. This is a very popular show. I am somewhat freaking out. What do you guys think? Link below the fold.

    Larry Sinclair, the man who claims to have used drugs and had sex with Obama in 1999, believes the site took the post down once it was clear that it was becoming popular.

    In recent days, the gay press has expressed concerns that Obama has chosen not to do interviews with members from its community.

    The Puerto Rican news interview with Sinclair has yet to appear online.

  34. Oh, and it's so! refreshing! that everyone is now questioning Barwack's "electabiliy", from THE HUFFINGTON POST to ABC NEWS! to MSNBarwaCk!!! to THE NEW YORK TIMES to the WASHINGTON POST! Barcwack's chickens ... are coming home to roost!

  35. Anon,

    I climbed out of the basement to chat with you again, sport.

    Get the wax out of your fucking ears. That's step one. I didn't say Monster was afraid of Johnny Mac.

    I said Hillary is trying to drum up support by making others fear his ability to whack BO around. You can't possibly deny that can you? I mean, really, this "electability" (ha ha ha) thing has been a Monster centerpiece for about 6 weeks.

    I'm sure Hillary and her mentally challenged fan club would LOVE another campaign featuring 2 balls-out negative campaigners going apeshit on each other. It could only be better if it ended in a to-the-death cage match, right?

    However, some of us have been paying attention... And we're sick of it.

    Which is why the Macho Monster is a 10:1 underdog right now (maybe 5:1 if you wanna be generous).

    Nice try. Not really.

    Your buddy in the cellar,
    John Brown
    Dispatcher of Asshats

  36. Anon (again)-

    Hillary's version of the electability argument is the saddest and most negative tactic I've ever witnessed.

    Maybe not negative in the traditional sense, but negative nonetheless.

    I'll tell you what... This weekend I'll write a nice big fresh post about why that tactic is so fucking repulsive and you can make a series of non-sequitirs on that that post instead of this one, okay?

    I'd do it right now, but I have to sweep my basement, asshat.

    Why do you envy my massive penis,

    John Brown
    Better than You... At Everything

  37. Larry Sinclair Anon-


    John Brown

  38. This is "Anon" from earlier. You actually have a sense of humor. That was funny about the "cellar."

    Maybe I should get a screen name since you came out of the basement to play nicely. :0

  39. Anon,

    Your candidate is incompetent. There is no doubt about it. As others have pointed out, if Obama is such a poor candidate, why is the Chosen Queen STILL trailing? The Republicans are salivating over the chance she will be the nominee. Bill's ties to dictators, his lovely little library, all the fun 90's stuff.
    And hey, guess what. When the Clintons fought the Republican 'slime machine' in the 90's, THEY LOST. Bill Clinton: Impeached President, disbarred lawyer, and all around shame.
    And I voted for him twice.

    And, John, the Clinton win was NOT double digits. She won by 9.2%.