Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rachel Maddow looked into the future to provide a Jeremiah Wright sneak preview... Plus, she's hot... Yeah, I know....

Back before John McCain wrapped things up in Republican land, a whole mess of second-tier candidates, including Mike "Before I Got Big Time" Huckabee, gathered in Florida to answer questions from ultra-religious types who are freakishly obsessed with anyone who doesn't limit his or her sexual interests to straight missionary sex, three times per month, for procreation only, between man and wife.

Anyway, before the debate over who could best pander to the homophobic kicked off, they had a choir sing a little ditty about America. It used the well-known God Bless America melody, but with very different lyrics.

Basically, the song asked why would God want to bless America? The answer wasn't "because we're so keen", either. The answer was that God probably wouldn't want to bless America. That's right. God shouldn't bless America, according to the choir.

Why not? Because we don't have a Christ-based theocracy, I'd imagine. The song argues that we've strayed, as a nation, so far from the truths of the holy gospel that we now find ourselves fucked. God has no interest in blessing our infidel nation. We ain't right with Jesus!

Back when this debate about who most loved Jesus and supported Christian tyranny was raging, Rachel Maddow did a little piece about it.

Maddow's analysis--offered months before everyone was watching Jeremiah Wright's "God damn America" sermon--was spot-on perfect.

Maddow noted that all hell would break loose if a lefty happened to re-purpose something like God Bless America in a way that didn't just gush about our nation's perfection. She observed that only a bunch of guys angling to be the most Christian could get by with something like that.

In light of the Jeremiah Wright blow-up, it's sort of cool to see Maddow peer into the future, albeit unknowingly. It's also a pleasant reminder that the shit Jeremiah Wright was slinging is often slung by guys on the other side of the argument, too. Oh, and it reminds you that not all kinds of stupidity are treated equally by the media and your average yahoo on the street.


Now, a related note that has nothing to do with whether God should bless, damn, or otherwise take note of America.

I've been noticing Rachel Maddow on MSNBC more and more lately. I think she's hot. I don't mean "hot" like "growing in popularity and importance while attracting attention". I mean she's sexy. Seriously.

Yeah, I know. She's a lesbian. She has a partner. If she wasn't a lesbian, she wouldn't be interested in John Brown. She's pretty butch. Fine. I know. I'm just saying... She's sexy in a very unique Rachel Maddow kind of way. I'll leave it right there.


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  1. She's a smart girl and I appreciate her, but Obama's "Christianity" is way off base. See:

  2. I'm not particularly concerned or interested in Trinity United's theology or Barack Obama's personal relationship with his deity, to tel you the truth.

    I just thought it was interesting that one crew gets to damn America and the other one gets roasted for doing the same.

    I'm not even arguing which side's arguments has more merit (my vote, actually, is neither).

    Mainly I was looking for an excuse to admit my doomed crush on Maddow.

  3. I'm so pleased to see Rachel Maddow get more airtime these days. I wish MSNBC had given her the odious Tucker Carlson's old time slot.

  4. She is hot, John. And I have to say that for all of the stupid, fucked shit that make up the mess of beliefs that this world has, I am proud to have belonged to a tradition that takes seriously the idea that she should be able to partner up with whomever she wants.

    It's true, too. Everyone slings shit about stuff that we're all guilty of. Hypocrisy is what we all seem to have in common. It'd be nice if we all finally might come to terms with that and stop slinging so much shit.

    That may be too big for most of us. It also happens to be the only reasonable way to solve most of our problems.

    Sucks for us.

  5. betty-

    i'd have to say that rachel is my favorite current "talking head". she has moments of overstretch and wackiness, but there minimal compared to most of the other goobers on the tube.

  6. I've had a mad Maddow crush since her days refereeing Unfiltered on Air America. It's nice to find another (sorta) local fan.


  7. Not hot...at all, I could see if you were into womens softball or were a male asst. on a women basketball team...but she is not remotely hot. Three BIG steps forward-Stacey Dash; two GIANT leaps back-Rachel Maddow

  8. Definitely hot, especially in the last year with her frequent "Countdown" appearances. Call it a combination of those baby doll looks, short hair, fair skin & a strong political insight that make her sexy. The whites in her eyes just turn my grizzled heart to butter.

    Why is it that she's sexier on Olbermann's show than Dan Abrahm's? I think it's partly because she appears in the studio for Keith, but more often she's one of three or four "pundits in a box" on Abrahms. (I also blame Pat Buchanan, who depletes everybody's charisma just from being in his vicinity.)

    And yes, this is a straight guy having a crush on a lesbian. It's like dreaming of a Lamborgini; that's as close as I'll ever get to either.