Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maybe someone is figuring this shit out... Hillary's speaking gigs not working out so well...

Two interesting stories. They almost make me wonder if maybe folks are beginning to see through the bullshit.

If a tree falls in the forest... You get the idea. Does this actually count as a speech if no one bothered to listen?

No you can't! At least a few people at this speaking engagement were ready to answer what Hillary mistakenly assumed was a purely rhetorical question. Whoops, Monster!


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  1. I totally agree with you, and am enlightened to see that perhaps most people are not as stupid as Hillary is counting on them to be. Maybe, just maybe people are a lot smarter than she and Bill are giving them credit for. They know what they are doing in constantly repeating the same old destructive messages,and they were confident that most people wouldn't be able to figure it out! Maybe they will be suprised at the intelligence of the general public after-all.

  2. In the words of Brian Wilson...

    Wouldn't it be nice?

    John Brown
    Keeping My Fingers Crossed

  3. This just made me giggle. Thanks for cheering up my otherwise gloomy day, John!

  4. Is it just me, or do HRC's photos look a little more like Gollum with each passing day?

    Zack Greinke... it rhymes with Saberhagen.

  5. moxie-

    glad to cut through the gloom. that's what i do. i'm a professional.

    and a van helsing understudy.


    john brown
    not a professional

  6. anon-

    Does Jose Guillen rhyme with Daryl Motley?

    Soria and Quisenberry (who actually was a poet, speaking of rhyme) sound a little bit alike to me when I squint my ears.

    With you,

    John Brown
    Poet Laureate of JoCo