Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday fun... Michelle Obama, baseball cards, David Brock and the Bataan death march...

Looking for something to read or watch? Try these.

Some good. Some bad. Some WTF.

Taylor Marsh is publishing guest posts. Considering the usual quality of her work, that might sound like a good idea. It's not. Reading this is like suffering through the Bataan Death March! Please know that the author, "JB" is NOT John Brown, yours truly.

Josh Wilker deserves a book deal. With a fat cash advance, so he can go out and buy some of the vintage baseball cards he's lost through the years.

Although I think Michelle Obama is vaguely hot and although my mind does wander into areas where it probably shouldn't, I don't think blogging about her head-giving skills is a good idea. I don't think the Monster herself needs to weigh in on this and I'm probably less offended than those at the Rump Roast or Cali Tejano, but still... Let's just say there are some loons out there in Monster Country.

Am I the only guy rooting for Obama who isn't tickled pink at the idea of giving David Brock $40 million to help the Democratic cause? I have a feeling this will end ugly and silly. I don't mind going after McCain--honestly and fairly--I just have my doubts that Brock is the best choice to steward that stack of cash.

Oh, and Power to the Motherfuckin' People, kids. If you thought Mike Gravel's cover of Helter Skelter was a mega-super wacky pack, check this one out. Gravel is a nut, but I bet he's fun at parties.


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  1. OMG, the guest posters! The decision to appoint deranged, rambling illiterates to hold the TM fort is yet another confirmation that Ms. Marsh is a rank amateur in the media biz.


    Betty Cracker
    Former U of FL darts champion

  2. Betty-

    I'm having a crisis of conscience here. There is a guest post up at Taylor's House of Horrors that is BEGGING for a long, hateful and tremendously smarmy attack.

    But it's just a guest poster who has a crazy little hard-on-the-eyes site, the only visible function of which is to auction off ugly jewelry in hopes of raising bucks for the Monster.

    Taylor "Teller of Tall Tales" Marsh put herself out there for ridicule and pumped up her history. I think she was fair game. This guest poster?

    I'm not so sure.

    The angel says "no". The devil says "right now, baby".

    It's not unlike Animal House, except for the fact that getting laid isn't an available option.

    What's a guy to do?


    John Brown
    Victim of Circumstances

  3. Gee, that is a dilemma. I say give into the devil, but I would say that. (Ever heard of Mean Girls? Story of my life.) It's not like you went searching through the internets to find her crappy little blog to savage. She swam into the deep end without a pool noodle of her own free will. Take her down as only JB can!


    Betty Cracker
    Stirrer of Shit

  4. hmmm, Taylor's out through the weekend - dare I hope that there will be a new TM book released by the end of next week?

    JB, thanks for the Cardboard Gods rec - although I burned my nose when I snorted coffee out through it, laughing at the Jim Wohlford post ("...cognac-addled rants about Mike Schmidt and Rick Monday and secession.'), my attorney is adamant that you are not personally liable. He left the door open re: going after Josh Wilker, however...

  5. My fear is that Taylor's in my fair city right now meeting with Air America execs to replace Randi Rhodes.

    Yes, Mark Green is that fucking stupid.

  6. betty-

    you are the voice of the devil on my left shoulder. i'm trying to resist, but...

    Yours truly,

    John Brown
    All-American Boy

  7. anon-

    I'm thinking of self-publishing under the name of "T. Marsh" myself. Just to stir the shitpot.

    Maybe I could have a contest to select the title.

    That Wilker guy at CG is a champion. He writes a damn good and funny blog without the hate upon which guys like me are forced to use as a crutch. Read through the other posts--most are really good reads.

    And so it goes,

    John Brown
    Union Man

  8. Kevin-

    If Mark Green makes Taylor Marsh's dreams come true, I may very well end up as crazy as the choir of numbskulls who comment at her site.

    If you believe in a higher power, now is the time to summon him/her/it. Pray for Green. Pray for us all.

    Yours in God,

    John Brown