Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Royals / Yankees, 3:10 p.m... Squandering opportunity and freezing my ass off... Sneak previews...

A smart, self-promoting blogger would take advantage of this situation. My series of posts on "talk radio host" (hey, stop laughing) Taylor Marsh is attracting a lot of attention in certain circles. This could be my fifteen minutes of fame or my chance to create a large and loyal audience.

I'm getting emails. Welcome to the big leagues. Al Giordano is linking to you. First time reader, I might be back. Read about your post at Daily Kos. You're all over Democratic Underground.

The other day, I even received a mini-avalanche of visitors from Marsh's site due to a mention in the comments. Comments about the blog are popping up all over the place.

This new little hobby project has had two days in the past week with over 1,000 unique visitors. Yeah, I know. That's not BIG TIME. It's big for a little anonymous freebie blog, though.

So, this might be my big shot. Today should be the day I write the Greatest Post in the young history of Prepare Yourselves for a Settlement. I should be running to the door in response to opportunity's knock.

However, it's opening day in Kansas City. Gloomy skies, rain and a projected wind chill antithetical to baseball, but it is opening day. Royals vs. Yankees. 3:10 p.m.

I have priorities.

Tonight? The last of the Taylor Marsh posts: John Brown Explains it ALL. And, as promised, a post critical of Barack Obama, offered as evidence that my distaste for The Monster doesn't automatically make me a hack for Barry. Maybe I'll rip on McCain a little bit for good measure, too. I might as well be the Universal Offender.

Go Royals. I wish I had an ode to opening day that was as stirring as Tony's ruminations on the KU basketball national championship win.


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