Friday, April 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton, meet karma... It's a bitch (too)...

Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna knock you right on the head,
You better get yourself together,
Pretty soon you're gonna be --

Whoops, Monster, it's already here.

Bad idea: Running around attacking your opponent for a whiny attitude and elitism right before you get busted making excuses for losses and claiming that a core part of your party's support comes from crazed activists who don't represent your old-school approach.

Worse idea: Coming right out and saying that a huge bloc of your party consists of crazy thugs who overrun caucuses and intimidate people.

Even worse idea: Fibbing about that bloc's positions on major issues and contradicting your earlier statements to said organization when it happens to have a rocket-fast response rate and the ability to contact membership via emails, etc. within seconds. The part about betraying your own "back in the day" stuff isn't too bright, either.

Worst idea: When that organization you're bitching about started as a means of saving your husband's political viability (and, thus, by extension your own).

Hillary, you can't beat the crap out of because you're losing. It isn't going to play worth a shit and it makes you look like a hopelessly outmoded old-timer who longs for the days when the fat cigar chompers made the call (curiously, they wouldn't have had room for you at the bargaining table in those smoky rooms, woman).

Please note: I'm not a kind of guy, personally. Sometimes, I think they are right on... Other times, they're way too silly. I just wanted to let you know that I'm here fighting Monster, not hacking for MO.

What in the world you thinking of,
Laughing in the face of love,
What on earth you tryin' to do,
It's up to you, yeah you.

Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna look you right in the face,
Better get yourself together darlin',
Join the human race.


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  1. Yeah am enjoying it too I guess she is finish.

  2. johnny-

    She's been finished for a long time. She just won't admit it.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    John Brown

  3. This picture will bring a smile.

  4. mycfile--

    35,000 is a premium draw. Impressive photo.

    Thanks for bringing it to me. Great stuff.


    John Brown
    I'm not Cool with Tony Pena, Jr.

  5. I was in a US House Dem Primary with 3 other Dems in a very red district. I didn't believe 2 of the 4 of us had any chance in the General and as it happened the winner got 33% in the general, 2006. Now I made the case that I was best suited and I laid out my positions without banging on the other 3 and they followed the same course. It was polite and there was no reason for anybody to have hurt feelings. It can be done. You can also elect somebody who doesn't have a chance for real reasons.

    That campaign attracted interest outside the state for its politeness. I have at this late date had people try to promote me for runs, not that I'll do such a thing again. I am able to understand that I'm not the Democrat's cup of tea and that's alright as long as you don't try to run.

    Without the Republican attack machine of the 90s Hillary's negatives would be higher, she might never have even made a credible candidate - she wears poorly and she has too much junk much less her natural tendencies to tossing kitchen sinks.

    Yup, Karma is a bitch.

  6. Oops. While I'm fairly sure she didn't intend for this to get out, it is in keeping with her latest crazy strategy of attacking Obama from the far right. Weird strategy for a Dem primary. It's almost as if she's more concerned with ensuring that Obama loses the general than getting herself the nom.

  7. I been saying that It was over for two month. But this make it official! By next week she going to drop out or be kick out! Mark my word! If her peoples don't stop this from making it to the MSM her campaign does not even make it to Pennsylvanian.

  8. I've been stunned by Clinton's campaign. It's not that I had a lot of illusions or that Hillary was my first or second choice. It's just that it's been so...batshit crazy is the only term that comes to mind. Before the primaries I questioned her electibility. After watching her campaign for all these months I question her mental competence.

  9. Obama's performance in Wednesday's debate was sooo INSPIRING. Perhaps you HOPE the Obamessiah will only lose by 5 or 10 points? His performance this weekend has been completely unhinged. Pooor Barwack ...

  10. Rambling-

    She's been doomed for some time now, but I don't foresee a quick exit. She's in through Indiana & NC at the VERY least.

    Probably until the end and beyond.

    Think zombie movies. They're never completely dispatched.

    Yours truly,

    John Brown
    I'll Eat Your Brains, Too

  11. zen-

    It's unbelievable, isn't it. Sometimes I wonder if there isn't something happening that those of us who haven't been touched by Complete Evil just can't understand.

    She's a smart person behaving crazily. Desperation? Secret scheme? One particular area of idiocy?

    Who knows? All I know is the end result. Barry O. gets the nod.

    Yours in amazement,

    John Brown
    Professional Bowler

  12. Anon-

    Comments like yours are the most awesome of all.

    1. They are the ultimate in non-responsiveness. What in the hell does your dumbassery have to do with the post? Answer: Nada.

    2. They make arguments that are entirely consistent with my own, unwittingly or unknowingly. Case in point? I think Barry's crew is wasting their time with complaints about ABC. Oh, and I think he did a pretty lousy job in the debate. Shoulda done better.

    3. They try to be funny, but aren't. The baby spelling thing, that's comedy gold, huh? Not really, asshat.

    4. Coming within 5 points would be a Big Deal. When you cut a lead in a high-profile primary by 15 points in a matter of weeks in a state apparently designed for the express purpose of giving the other candidate a win (in demographic terms), that's premium mojo.

    5. Mocking ideas like hope for a better politics and inspiration are the very reason why Hillary is going down, dummy. If Hillary and her zombie army of negative nabobs had figured that out months ago, she'd be coasting to Denver. You're accidentally self-defeating. And that is Awesome.

    Your super-duper best buddy of all time,

    John Brown
    Who is Much Smarter than You

  13. Of course, a true "win" would be only 10 to 20 percent, right? Okay, Mr. Obama Lllama, here is a prediction: Hillary Clinton wins by 9 to 11 points. Poor lil Barwack spends at least $4 million on ads, cries about those meanies at ABC and he still can't win in a state that is larger than Illinois or reflects the demographics of the United States. Soooo many superdelegates will be impressed. Are there any other cactus caucuses?

    Oh, and this is "Anon" from earlier. Loved your William Safire segue, you're such a "progressive" Democrat. Did I say you were dickless?

  14. Oh, and thanks for promoting Taylor Marsh across "teh progressive" internets. Interesting how the "politics of hope" "inspire" so many keyboard bullies. Oh, and ABC's "Good Morning America" is profiling Taylor as one of several people harassed online by Obama llamas.

    Isn't it interesting how the Clinton campaign is supposed to be so "mean and divisive" but her supporters are always attacked online? Should be an interesting segment to watch from your parent's basement Stay tuned!

  15. Zombie movie!!! Priceless and so true! lolll

    I expected this story to be her final death blow. But what a surprise the MSM did not run it! And has for Clinton suporter whining about the Obama supporter being the meanest online well that life deal with it! When she started playing dirty peoples just decided that it was game on and the glove are way off!

    She got the MSM going for her Obama got the edge on the Internet. Remind me who winning right now? lolll

  16. Who will win in Pennsylvania? And Indiana? Hillary Clinton, of course.

    Such "bitter remarks." I'll check back on Tuesday for your counterspin. Will the Obama llamas blame the loss on "racism", "the media", "the old politics" or "the fear card" Who will his concession speech borrow from this time? Oprah? Kurt Vonnegut? Jay Z??

  17. Keep hanging around Anon...

    And since you knew that was a Safire segue, I guess that speaks to your party affiliation.

    I'm sure no one here will have a problem with you on this site...besides ABC can profile TM all she wants, people in the loop know garbage when they hear it. Fair-minded people considered the rehashing of Tuzla a waste of precious debate time. But Hillary fanatics are still whinning about Rev. Wright. I'm pretty sure Americans have heard all they care to hear.

    The question is can you candidate bring a lick of anything positive to her campaign. That old model of politics all the way down to your silly tone are big turn-offs for people that work for a living, live check to check and are struggling in general. Apparently you all think this is some sort of game...or a joke. These are real lives in the brink, and she just wants to hang on to save face or for her own personal ambition.

    After this no donor will touch her.

  18. Anon-

    Uh, let's see... What am I thinking here? Hmmm... Oh, I know.

    Fuck you.

    1. Never claimed to be the poster boy for progressive Dems and never will.

    2. Never claimed to buy into any notion that changing the nature of politics requires checking one's willingness to call out assholes at the door. Never will.

    3. Yeah, I'm "dickless". You are teh champion of teh internets, buddy.

    4. Hillary may very well win PA by 15 fucking points for all I know. Either way, she's still a Monster and you're still an idiot. Don't confuse popularity with quality.

    5. I think it's interesting that goofy grapes like you come to Taylor "I had enough money to pretend to be a radio star" Marsh by responding to the alleged meanness of those who see through her infantile schtick. Curiously, the TM Club never actually responds to actual substantive disagreements with her lunacy.

    6. No need to check in for the spin. I'll give it to you in advance. If Obama wins or is close, that's a good thing because it gets us that much closer to eliminating Monster from the race. If Obama gets his ass handed to him, it's his own damn fault.

    7. Yeah, my remarks are tinged with bitterness. Wanna know why? Because I spend the bulk of my time on earth within earshot of people like you.

    Have an awesome day!

    I love you,

    John Brown
    Dickless and Bitter

  19. Sean-

    I think you're right about the gamesmanship. It's out of control and it's beginning to become a little too calculated on Obama's side, too.

    He was doing much better when he wasn't stooping over to duke it out with her, in my opinion.

    I can understand why there's been more direct Monster engagement, but I don't think the way it's being done is helping BO all that much.

    Anon is welcome around here any time. I don't mind people pretending as if I have no penis or incorrectly assuming I am a beast of burden for Barack. It would be nice if they brought something to the table that was actual relevant to the topics under discussion, but eyeballs are eyeballs and I don't discriminate.

    Besides, Anon may eventually accidentally write something interesting and/or correct.

    We will have a party on that day.

    Your friend,
    John Brown
    Hot Dog Vendor